Studies on hematological parameters in broiler chicken treated with Amoxidem 50%

Authors: Turcu D.1, Mariana Oporanu1 P. Grigorescu1, M. Roman2,

Affiliation: 1 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Spiru Haret University, Bucharest                                                                  2 S.C. Delos Impex 96 S.R.L., Bucharest

Hematological response was studied in broiler chicken body as a consequence of treatment with Amoxidem 50% soluble powder. Under investigation were two batches of broiler chicken: control batch A and experimental batch B who received Amoxidem 50% soluble powder 46mg/Kg weight/day. Blood sampling was performed 7 days after treatment. The data were statistically analyzed using Student-Fisher method. The number of red blood cells showed no changes in statistical terms, the difference between batches being insignificant (p

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Contributions to the humoral immunological profile in broiler chickens treated with 50% Amoxidem

Authors: Turcu D1., Mariana Oporanu1, Condur D1., Grigorescu P1., Roman M2.

Affiliation: 1 Facultatea de Medicinã Veterinarã Spiru Haret, Bucuresti                                                                              2 S.C. Delos Impex 96 S.R.L.

Investigation on the effect of Amoxidem 50% humoral immunological effectors (protein fractions, lysozyme, total protein) in broilers was conducted. There were two groups of chickens tested: control group A and group B treated with Amoxidem 50%. Blood sampling was performed 7 days after treatment. Electrophoretic pattern of serum protein fractions in the experimental group showed a significant increase in the concentration of globulin fractions α1, α2 globulin and γ globulin and a decrease in the A/G ratio. Mean IgG level increased significantly (p˂0.001) in group B compared to group A. The serum’s lysozyme concentration showed a significant increase in statistical terms (p˂0.01) in group B compared with group A.

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