Effectiveness testing of some vegetal extracts comparing with classical anthelmintics

Authors: Ilie M.S.1, Dărabus Gh.1, Oprescu I1, Morariu S1, Narcisa Mederle1, Alina lie1, Imre K1, F. Morariu2

Affiliation: 1 Facultatea de Medicină Veterinară Timisoara,                                                                                              2 Facultatea de Zootehnie si Biotehnologii Timisoara

We have tested the efficacy of some vegetal extracts (Parazitol – Medica Laboratories, a natural product with an anthelmintic effect and a Cucurbita sp. oil extract) compared to the classic anthelmintics (Rombendazol – Romvac and Dehelman – KRKA Slovenia) at domestic poultry, whose parasitical status had been previously established through animal killing and necropsies. Parazitol and the pumpkin oil have had a lower efficacy than the levamisole and albendazole upon the species Ascaridia galli. Heterakis gallinarum was not affected by the pumpkin oil. Parazitol have a moderate efficacy (36%), while levamisole and albendazole were very efficient (100%). The treatments with albendazole upon the cestods belonging to the genus Raillietina have had a 100% efficacy. In cestods, Parazitol had a better efficacy (57%) than the pumpkin oil (14%).

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New alternatives in veterinary anthelminthic therapy

Author: Romeo T. Cristina                                                                                                             Affiliation: USAMVB Timisoara, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Present paper proposes the presentation of antiparasitic boluses, veterinary use specific conditionings with importance in gastro intestinal helminth population control, as a modern alternative to the classic antihelmintic therapy. The active substances are released consecutive to: diffusion, osmotic procesess, to progressive erosion, or through electronic programmed devices. Anthelmintic boluses are classified upon the releasing system in: a) anthelmintic sustained release systems: for albendazole (Proftril bolus), morantel tartrate (Paratect flex and bolus) ivermectines (Enzec and Alzet, Ivomec SR Bolus), levamisole (Chronominthic bolus), oxfendazol (Synanthic multidose bolus) fenbendazole (Panacur Bolus). b) anthelmintic programmed periodic release systems: Intra Ruminal Pulse Release Electronic Device (I.R.P.R.E.D) and Repidose (Autoworm, Oxfendazole Pulsed Release Bolus).

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