Evaluation of the risk for the medium of the veterinary medicinal products and thew actual legislative requirements in the domain

Authors: Ioana Diaconu, Lollita Taban                                                                                             Affiliation: Institutul pentru Controlul Produselor Biologice si Medicamentelor de Uz Veterinar, Bucuresti

The Veterinary Medicine Products are authorized for marketing by the Regulating authorities, if they fulfill the scientific quality, efficiency and the safety criteria. The Veterinary Medicine Products Safety refers to the treated animal safety, the consumers safety, the safety for the persons that are handling the products during the treatment and the environment’s safety, which will be presented next. The Evaluation of the Veterinary Medicine Products Risk on the Environment represents an objective appreciation of the risk of appearance of some unwanted side effects on the environment during or after the use of veterinary medicine products.

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Prohibited anabolic substances, dangerous to human consumers, in accordance of E.U. regulations

Authors: Flavia A. Hanganu1, V. Voicu2, R. T. Cristina1

Affiliation:  1 USAMVB Timisoara,                                                                                                                                 2 I.C.P.B.M.U.V. Bucuresti

Substances with anabolic effects are used to enhance feed conversion, growth rate or muscle tissue deposition in stock farming for several decades. The majority of these compounds have biochemical effects similar to sex steroids (androgens, estrogens, gestagens). However, in the E.U., the use of hormones for growth – promotion or fattening is prohibited. Monitoring of residues of hormonal growth-promotion in meat or milk, is essential for implementing such bans and to protect public health against the harmful effects of these substances, which incidentally is found in products of animal origin.

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