Therapeutic and post-lesional aspects of enzootic pneumonia in pigs

Author: Adrian C. Stancu
Affiliation: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Timișoara

The mycoplasmas are causing significant economic damage, these conditions being constant attention of farmers and veterinary services. Economic losses may be due to mortality, veterinary restrictions, a decrease in meat production, increased feed consumption and expenditure specific therapeutic and control measures. The conducted reaserches aimed at methods of disease treatment and diagnosis of enzootic pneumonia based on morphopathological lesions (macroscopic and histopathological) in dead pigs cases.

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The economic implications of the enteric disease complex and its control by the utilization of pleuromutillins in swine

Authors: Veturia-Ileana Nueleanu, M.Boc, Anca Mãrculescu, M.Cernea                                                     Affiliation: USAMV Cluj-Napoca, Facultatea de Medicinã Veterinarã

The enteric disease complex may have a great economic impact by decreasing the growth of the animals, the conversion-rate of the fodder and, implicitly, the quality of carcass. That results in low production values, in correlation with low costs of production and decreased profitability. A therapeutic protocol was established, being administered tiamulin in the period of maximum incidence of the disease – 5 days before and after weaning in pig youth, and the same period of time for the fatten pigs. The average meat production increased with 37.04% in youth pigs and 29.23% in fat pigs, in comparison with the period before the therapy. The profit that was achieved in youth pigs was 95%, in comparison with the investment (the medication) that was 5%. The value of the investment was 27% in fat pigs, in comparison with the materialized profit of 73%. The ratio between the total investment values (tiamulin medication) and the benefit obtained in post therapeutic period was 1:3.76, for the enteric disease complex in swine.

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Small therapy guide in swine’s diseases

Authors: Cristina T. Romeo1, Olimpia Ines Lupu (Paută)1, Iliuț Coman2

Affiliation: 1 Facultatea De Medicină Veterinară Timișoara
                 2 DSVSCA Sibiu

The paper is intended as a useful guide practicing veterinarian in the material being presented in a synthetic way the major prophylactic and therapeutic means in the main groups of pig diseases: suinopathies, bacterioses, viral and parasitic diseases.

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